Release date: 8.7.16 

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Music can trigger an emotional journey, it can tell a tale, or simply be heard. We cannot dictate the experience of a listener but we can create music which has a relatable narrative. 

Inspired by a collection of photographs, the pieces evolved into stories, representing a mini-biography of a few of my life reflections. Just as lyrics can describe a narrative, the music in Evolving Reflections sings the narrative.


Classic FM

BBC Radio Norfolk (scroll to 03:32:00 to hear the interview)


15 Questions

Cross-Eyed Pianist

A Collectors Memory

Drown or Swim? 


To remember a memory can be a complex task. Some remember memories which they recall when wishing to reflect. Others need triggers so collect memories like letters or ticket stubs. Then there’s those who have few memories, who need friends and families to retell the tales.

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Artistic temperament: ‘a personality profile well described in writers, artists and composers which, in the extreme case, borders on mental illness’ Medical dictionary
‘A mental disposition regarded as befitting or characteristic of an artist, often associated with emotional sensitivity or volatility’ Oxford dictionary
We yearn to achieve, yearn to be successful and yet a multitude of fears can hold us back. Fear can paralyse success. However, our path can be chosen. Failures contribute to success. It’s our choice, our responsibility to ourselves.

Can we really experience a moment where no thoughts exist? Where the mind is resting and the body controls the mind. Can you feel your toes balance your body as you walk, hear the sound of your clothes rustling as you move, feel your finger tips as they pick up a cup, feel your eyes blinking. Can you hear breaths in, feel when you breath out.  Can you notice the moment your mind starts to think again. 

Face Off Technology  

A Wrinkle is a Storyline

Watching people walk whilst looking at their phones. Answers sought and given on our tablets, computers and phones. Eating whilst watching TV or whilst looking at a computer screen, did you honestly taste the flavours? Emailing opposed to talking, texting opposed to calling, social media opposed to meeting, cyber friendships / physical friendships, increase of anxiety and loneliness, changing the style of communication / interaction for the better or worse? International accessibility / multiple domains / naively ignoring our locale. Is the grass greener? 

To age is to grow. Our bodies become what we allow them to become. Our age is just a number. Our souls are as youthful as we allow them to be. Reactions to situations shape the state of our souls. To reflect or not to reflect influences our reactions. The choice of reflection dictates how rich our life can be. Our body is a case showcasing our reactions to life’s experiences. Our souls become a reflection of our evolution. 


Composer: Aleah Morrison-Basu | Electronics: Matthew Wilcock | Recording Engineer: Joel Davies | Recording assistant: David Coyle | Co-Producers: Matthew Wilcock and Joel Davies | Mastered: Fluid Mastering | Artwork - Ask Antar | Artist profile picture: Anit ‘On’ Bashar | Animation for ‘Drown or Swim’ Rebecca Meilak | Photographs: Kazem Beaton-Daghestani and Shamil Beaton | Narrative: Aleah Morrison-Basu 

Performers: A Collectors Memory - Aleah Morrison | Drown or Swim? - Ben Dawson | States - Duet by Daria Bitsiuk and Joao Costa | Face Off Technology - Duet by Daria Bitsiuk and Joao Costa | A Wrinkle is a Storyline - Naomi Hart

Recorded at RNCM, Manchester | Mixed at The Strongrooms | London Mastered at Fluid Mastering, London

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