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NY Resolution broken by the 4th day….

New Years resolutions…….I am sure I’m not alone in saying I can’t remember the amount of resolutions I’ve said I’d keep. NB: I am not saying ‘promised’ because that would be pure idiocy seeing as the rebel in me see’s such obstacles as a challenge to break. This year’s resolution however, is one I must keep.

An intention to keep myself ‘creatively focussed’ throughout the next 6 manic months as I embark of a transformation from being a spinster living the ‘single London life’ (whatever that is meant to be) into a married home-owner and auntie of soon-to-be-two. Along side these ‘life changing’ moments (that quite frankly at times send me into a heart-palpating panic driven desire to take a plane to another country, any country to be honest, and live in a shack spending my time swimming, surfing and ignoring all responsibilities…..I digress…..), I am also moving twice within 3 months, due to be a bridesmaid for the first time in my life to a very dear school friend which is extremely exciting for me due to my lack of experience at such things. I’ve been to more funerals than weddings in my 30+years on earth so I’m quite excited about the prospect of this statistic being eradicated this year. I’m also participating in 4 hen parties some of which I can not yet give details due to either the hens’ not knowing or me not knowing. All that said, it is going to be a fabulous 6 months for all those around me and that fact alone brings me inspiration. Although, I fear too much ‘happy’ inspiration is likely to turn my next singer/ songwriting attempt into an 80s sounding ballad reminiscent of the ones that force you to turn off the radio due to it being over-played and quite frankly just penetrating the ears in such a way you fear you will never recover (NB - ear singular in my case - yup, deaf in my right ear - I digress)….I guess with any luck it will be a ‘hit’ because ‘hey…the 80s is back in fashion!’ I still need to hunt down the person who thought that was a good idea.

So, not in short, my resolution is to write a monthly blog of the thoughts in my head. Somewhere in the spaghetti-style outburst of such things will be compositional goals for that month (NB not the spaghetti shape or letter kind. The kind that is reminiscent to spaghetti junction in Birmingham). The ideology of this being that if I put my intentions on the infamous ‘world wide web’ I have to stick to them for fear of losing face in front of the few followers that actually make time to read my babbling (hi Mum, Dad, ickle sis and fiancé. NB I don’t believe in not having enough time. You make time if you really want to do something).

So I am going to blog my journey of the next 12 months for those who are maybe bored on a commute to/ from work, those curious about the thoughts of a creative person, friends who will most likely read this laughing at my seemingly erratic nature but knowing my good intentions enough to find it slightly endearing - at least that’s what I’m hoping and family who will just read it and likely sigh at my outbursts.

But yup, new years ‘rez’ has already been broken as this post should have been posted on the 31st January. However, by the 29th January life, work and everything that can possibly be seen as an unforgiving excuse happened and delayed my posting of this. Arguably those could be seen as ‘excuses’ but I would challenge those that see it in such a way to live a life in my head for a day or two.

So that’s an intro about me…..hows that for a January blog? I’m done right? No need to write anything else…..well, that was easy! Except ……… I have so much more to say….I’m not exactly au-fay with ‘blog’ etiquette or social media for that matter. ‘Twitter’….oh one of a few banes in my life (it’s a funny work ‘bane’. Apparently it’s a French, German and English surname which in France means ‘bath’ - the reason being it is a name used for someone who lived near a Roman bath - thank you Wikipedia). Twitter is like running. I know I should but I don’t because I know how exhausted I’ll be at the end of it and, quite frankly, I’d much prefer to spend that time practicing the piano or the sitar or even the cello and clarinet. Anything but running! I mean seriously, who has time/ energy to think of something that will give them some sort of credit that will define their personality and increase their ‘friends/ followers’ like a game of follow-the-donkey. The ability to define a person’s ‘professional worth’ through a restricted number of 117 characters seems to represent the ‘technologically-driven, reduced physical human interaction, fast world’ we live in these days. Does anyone actually ‘read’ anything anymore or is it all skimming? How many of you find yourself scrolling down the facebook newsfeed without actually reading anything? I personally just look at pictures - I am a child. However, in todays ‘day-and-age’ we are meant to be using twitter aren’t we (no question mark needed because apparently it’s a fact). I have a relationship with twitter akin to that of ex-boyfriends. A desire to remain in contact to understand why they existed in your life so you can reflect, understand their purpose and learn from such an experience, combined with never wanting to speak to them again because it takes too much time and energy and causes unnecessary anxiety whilst you try to work it all out. Cynical and naive opinion of twitter? I’m sure a billion people would disagree with me but everyone is entitled to their own opinion right?

So for now, my ‘punishment’ for the delayed blog post is to update my ‘January blog’ through excerpts in the next 10 days whilst also trying to collate ideas for my February blog which will give me some sort of social media ‘props’. (For those that don’t understand ‘props’ search an Urban dictionary - I can be ‘down’ with the kids today?). It won’t be this long because people will no doubt lose interest (skim-read) and it would also prove my friends declaration accurate that I write the longest texts out of all of us.

What’s my compositional goal you may ask seeing as that is the sole purpose of this blog. Every month I will post 1 piece for each week in that month. Therefore, I will shortly be posting a soundcloud link where you will be able to listen to my ‘January 2015 top 4’. The aim this month is to stop shying away from my Nord and to create at least 1 composition using this. Manual at the ready I will embark on this by Friday after I have met various deadlines and practiced the sitar and piano. A few things to note, I am composing a piece for a performance on the 20th - 21st of March where “performing artists, scientists and philosophers complement and challenge each other on the theme of ‘Heart, Emotions and Rhythms’ inspired by every day life and informed by specialist research” (excerpt taken from description of event by incredibly talented and intelligent Shama Rahman). More details to follow. I am also due to release a piano EP by the summer. There, I’ve said it. Now I have to stick to it. Note to self on the latter, next time don’t compose piano pieces that require skills similar to those necessary to play a Rachmaninov concerto.

For now, I leave you with a personal quote;

‘Life is like a rainbow. You need the rain and sun for the colours to shine’.

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